August 20, 2015 by Ruth Birkholz

How to Stay Positive In Your Life


positivity-textPeople often mistake being positive with being happy, and even if the two are connected, happiness is just a side effect of positivity. You don’t have to be happy to be positive, as you can be positive even when you are angered, challenged or sad.

Derek-Positivity-HorizontalIt’s very important to understand that you can choose how you feel, because you have the possibility to choose what kind of emotions you are experiencing and what you are thinking.

This is what scientists have been trying to teach you – that you can change your life by simply using the power of your mind. Studies have shown that emotions, feelings and thinking can change your body up to the cellular level, and if this is the case, then you can train yourself to think positive thoughts in order to have good life experiences.

imagesIt’s true that a bad experience can influence anyone, but you have the power to interpret the same experience in two ways – to accept it and to learn something from it, making it a good experience, or to brood on it and consider that it ruined your life, making it a bad experience. This is why it is said that you choose what you feel.


lightbulb-positive-1024x901This is the most important concept in being positive. You need to accept the things that you can’t change – for example, you can’t change the fact that people sometimes die, and even if you lose someone, it is a hard experience, but it’s a fact that can’t be changed, no matter what you do. Accidents and losses do happen, and they are indeed negative experience that are painful and offer you a hard time. The trick of these is not to suppress them, but to live them out. For example, mourning is the hardest thing that anyone gets to experience, but you don’t need to hide it or shut down on yourself to show others how strong you are. What you need to do is to accept it as part of your life and deal with it. Any negative experience can teach you something, icanand it’s up to you to give it a different interpretation that the usual one.

Apart from this, accept who you are and what you are. It takes time for people to change and if they can’t change overnight, it can lead to serious frustrations and other problems. Acceptance is part of having a life full of positivity – accept that you have a certain look, accept that you think different thoughts and accept the things that you can’t change.

Make Goals

Positivity (1)Changing your thinking requires changing your patters. If you want to make it easier for you, set up goals. Setting up a goal will make you think more positive thoughts, while feeling hopeful and confident, even if the goal will take some time until you achieve it. Setting a goal that has a personal meaning to you, a goal that aligns with what you value, will help you in achieving it and moving forward in your life.

Start small, and word your goals in a positive way. For example, if you want to eat healthy, then think about ,,eating healthy food,, and avoid expressions like ,,stop eating fast food or junk food,,. Think in terms of positive achievements and positive experiences, anything that makes you confident and happy.


positivity-is-keyThe Law of Attractions states that what you think is what you get. This principle can be applied easily if you want to learn how to stay positive. This law says that your mind has endless resources to offer you the exact things that you want – you want a better job, simply think and feel (really feel) how wonderful it is to have a better job. When you think about something that you want, you also need to feel the exact feelings that you have at accomplishing that goal.

tumblr_n6v1k0vM0j1siud30o1_500As a closing, it’s not impossible to be positive in any experience that you have. All you need to do is find the right meaning of that experience and filter it through a positive essence – you can always learn something from anything that happens to you.